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About Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church
​In 1908 Rev, and Mrs. C. S. Pugh, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Johnson, and Mr. Nathan Davidson met and organized a Baptist Church in South Winter Haven. The first meeting was held at the home of Mr. Davidson on Avenue 0, S. E. Arrangements were made to hold worship services in the Universal Hall of Brotherhood, Avenue 0, S. E., until a bush arbor was built for regular Sunday Worship. Eventually the members were able to purchase the present church site and erected a small building of rough lumber.
Rev. C. Boone was called to pastor the small newly organized congregation. During his pastorate, Rev. N. B. Burney joined the membership of the church and when the congregation decided the church needed a name, it was the suggested name of Zion Hill, submitted to the church by Rev. Burney that was accepted by the congregation. Thus the present name of 'ZION HILL" came to being. After the resignation of Rev. Boone, Rev. N. B. Burney was called to pastor the church. Rev. C. C. Caldwell followed him and during his service as pastor, the second edifice was built. Rev. F. A. Wright followed Rev. Caldwell, and in 1921 under his pastorate, the church converted from a two-Sunday worship parish to a full time church, conducting worship services every Sunday.
The first parsonage was erected during the pastorate of Rev. Wright. Following Rev. Wright, Rev. S. Siplin received the call of the church, and served for several years. In 1930 Rev. G. E. 0. Whitehead became pastor and completed the interior of the church edifice. Rev. N. Gardner pastored the church for two years after Rev. Whitehead resigned, and following him Rev. W. Harrison pastorates for three years. In 1938 Rev. C. W. Scott was called and pastored for several years. Rev. J. S. Snead came to pastor Zion Hill in the middle forties and served for three years. Rev. C. W. Scott was again called to serve Zion Hill. During this pastorate the present church edifice was planned and completed in 1955.In 1956, Rev. J. Elvin Atkins was called and pastored  for 41 years. During his pastorate the mortgage on the church was burned. The present Pastor Rev. Christopher A. Darby was called in 1999, under his leadership a new edifice was built in  2006.

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Rev. Christopher A. Darby, Pastor
Rev. Sir Francis McKinnon, Sr., Assistant
Rev. S.F. McKinnon, Jr.,Licentiate 
Deacon Anthony L. Greene, Chairman of Deacons
Ora H. Greene, Chairman of Deaconess